Family Documentary


We LOVE family. And you know what is great about family... it's the everyday moments, the little in-between times, that make it so magical.

Our Family Documentary shoots are the best way to capture all that bliss! We follow your family for half a day and capture all the candid natural interactions that make for the most treasured photos — morning cuddles in bed, mum braiding her daughters hair, endless wrestling with dad, funny faces while brushing teeth together, breakfast table giggles, etc etc etc. FAMILY MAGIC!

We also arrange for you to choose an outing for us to document. Perhaps you're a beach loving family... fun, let's go to the beach! Maybe babycinos & espressos at your local cafe is more your scene... great, let's do it! Or perhaps something a bit different... how about an epic playground adventure, or hitting an amusement park, or maybe even a cute little date at an ice-cream parlour. The sky is the limit! It's choose your own adventure!


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