Why should I get a Daily Hello photographer to photograph my kids? Can’t I just do it?

Our photographers are trained to find the beauty that exists within every human being. One of our photographers will photograph your child and will ensure that their unique beauty is captured in a high quality image so you can treasure it forever. 

How long will the session go for?

Our sessions go for 30 mins., so make sure you arrive 5 mins early to make the most of your time with us.


My kids can be naughty and hard to handle sometimes. What if they muck up during the session?

We try to make our studio sessions fun, quick and painless. When you and your child arrive, our photographers will take some time to get to know your child and help put them at ease. We will then show them how it all works and allow them to simply be themselves. We pride ourselves on capturing a great image no matter how your little one, or your teenager, is feeling.

How many images will I receive? 

We allow our clients to view up to 10 of the best images of their children and then allow them to choose which they like best. Depending on what package you purchase we can either print or digitally send your images.


What do I dress my child in?

We suggest you bring 3-5 favourite outfits in a range of colours including accessories. We will then match a backdrop colour to one of those outfits.

How much does it cost?

We have a variety of packages – request them to be emailed to you here. Also there are gift certificates that can be purchased here.